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Vulnerability Assessment

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Citrus IT Vulnerability Assessments are Internet based services, designed to detect vulnerabilities in your systems through regular external testing. Using a combination of automated tools and experienced security experts, risks are identified sooner rather than later. Frequent reports highlight vulnerabilities and provide IT teams with the information they need to close them down.

In a recent test, a number of freshly built computers were exposed on the Internet without any security hardening. The first was broken into within 24 hours and the rest had fallen within 2 weeks. The systems were known to be vulnerable, but the speed with which they fell still raised surprise.

On real networks, systems are more carefully protected, however new vulnerabilities arise all the time - a configuration error by an engineer or a new security bug in existing software - and they can prove very hard to spot. And if your systems are vulnerable then so is your business. If a hacker breaks in they will use your systems to attack others - the commercial cost can be terrifying.