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We specialise in delivering Internet based managed services. Our aim is for our services offer the following characteristics to our end-users:

  • Near zero administration (it's a service not a software package);
  • Easy access to meaningful logs and reporting;
  • High levels of performance and reliability;
  • The very best value for money possible.

Our services combine the best of innovative open source software with the proven reliability of commercial products. We perform extensive in-house development to bond these together within highly automated frameworks. The frameworks are then integrated in to our Operational Support System - a unified provisioning, monitoring and workflow tool which governs all aspects of Citrus IT's service delivery.

Through our Extranet customers have direct access into the Operational Support System, allowing them to change configurations, view logs and reports, and interact with our support system - all in real time. The depth of transparency and control that the Extranet gives our customers is the key reason that we can meet the goals that we have set ourselves.

By placing control directly in the hands of our customers we deliver a more rewarding end-user experience whilst reducing the overhead on our support team. As a result we can focus on maintaining the highest levels of service without compromising our commitment to delivering consistently high value.
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