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Current Email Threat Level

We continually assess the current level of email threat by analysing the mail flowing through our > citrusmail service .

The red needle on the dial above indicates the current level of threat from viruses, trojans, phishing and other malware whilst the orange arrow denotes that posed by spam.

Recent Virus Alerts

 09 Dec 2019 Troj/Steale-FR
 09 Dec 2019 Linux/Aegis-B
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/Steale-FS
 08 Dec 2019 Mal/EncPk-APA
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/LokiBot-EP
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/LokiBot-EO
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/PHP-CV
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/Autoit-CUK
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/Steale-FQ
 08 Dec 2019 Troj/MsilKlo-AK
Source: Sophos Anti-Virus
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The panel on the right shows the latest virus alerts from Sophos - one of the three anti-virus systems used by CitrusMail.